The 21:3 Method

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The 21:3 Method

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The 21:3 Method is a practical guide that teaches you how to build a sustainable and healthy fitness lifestyle in exactly 21 days. This practical guide was based on the adult life of William "Will C." Campbell and his journey toward healing, acceptance, love, joy and fulfillment in his life. 

The 21:3 Method isn't the final stop on your fitness journey. This practical guide serves as your first step. The 21:3 Method serves as your foundation to a new, sustainable fitness lifestyle. Your journey will continue after 21 days in this guide, but now you will be better equipped to balance your life inside and outside of fitness. 

The five most important steps within The 21:3 Method include: 

Finding Your Purpose 

Determine Your Ultimate Goal 

Create Your Mini-Milestones 

Draft and Sign Your Mission Statement 

Take Immediate and Consistent Action 

If we did our job correctly, you won't ever have to read another self-help book!