Our Story

Company Profile

Established in 2019, Achromous Fitness is a full-service company, owned by J.H. Gibbons and Will C., that is engaged in design, development, marketing and sales of luxury fitness apparel and accessories. We offer premium clothing, high quality fitness accessories and digital products, including The 21:3 Method.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where fitness is not just a pursuit of health but a celebration of individuality, diversity, and cultural richness. Achromous Fitness is committed to becoming a symbol of inspiration for every individual who seeks to embrace their strength, both physical and cultural.

Our Identity:

The term "achromous" signifies more than just colorless; it represents a spectrum of experiences and histories that shape us. Our brand proudly stands as a reflection of our heritage, amplifying the voices and stories of the black community while inspiring everyone to strive for their personal best, both physically and mentally.

Luxury Redefined:

Achromous Fitness is not just about fitness – it's a lifestyle of elegance and empowerment. Our luxury fitness brand goes beyond traditional notions, crafting apparel and accessories that merge high-end craftsmanship with the needs of an active lifestyle. From the gym to the streets, our designs embody sophistication and functionality.

Commitment to Quality:

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Each Achromous Fitness product is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with premium materials and attention to detail. We believe in providing our customers with pieces that not only enhance their performance but also tell a story of resilience and triumph.

Community and Impact:

Beyond fitness apparel and accessories, Achromous Fitness is a movement. We actively engage with our community, partnering with organizations that uplift and support communities. A portion of our proceeds goes toward initiatives that promote education, wellness, and equality.

Experience Achromous Fitness:

Experience a brand that encapsulates a journey of strength, culture, and sophistication. Achromous Fitness is a celebration of individuality, a fusion of luxury and purpose that redefines the landscape of fitness apparel. Join us in embracing a lifestyle where every step is a statement, and every stride is a celebration of who you are.

At Achromous Fitness, we're not just clothing you – we're empowering you because you matter.
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