You Matter Series - The Real You

Written by J.H. Gibbons

Here’s the deal

You haven’t been living the life you love. I’m sorry, but it is true. There were certain things that you promised yourself you would take care of in 2022 and it just never happened. You may have gotten too busy, too overwhelmed or just completely forgot about all the things you swore you would accomplish.  

You swore to yourself that you would leave the job you had to switch careers and do something you enjoy more. You made it known to your families and friends that you would be more present than you were in 2021. You told yourself that you would be in a better financial position. None of these things happened.

In fact, 2022 brought you more stress and emergency situations that required all of your time. This meant that you had less time to enjoy life the way you imagined. You were unable to keep some of the commitments you made, but you’re confident that 2023 will be different. This year, you will transform yourself into something you’ve always wanted to become. 2023 will be your year!

I will let you in on a little secret: You’re setting yourself up for failure once again. You will overextend yourself and be unable to keep up with the changes that you plan to make in the new year. You have bitten off more than you can chew and without a strategy, you will repeat this same process in December.

Achromous is here to help you recognize where you may be slipping and failing repeatedly by providing you with examples of situations that worked for those who understood the power of progress and sustainable goal setting. These real-world examples serve as a reminder that your goals and dreams do come true. However, you have to make sure that you’re prepared to face the inevitable challenges that come with chasing dreams.

With our proven strategy of goal setting and habit building, this year will be different for you. You will get the chance to experiment with your goals to ensure you have a better chance to succeed. You will learn how our thoughts can control your moods and outcomes in different situations. You will figure out that your mental health is as important, if not more important, than your physical health. Most of all, you will figure out your purpose. Learning what your purpose is will lead you into understanding who you truly are.

The main goal for this year should be to figure out why you are still here. Think about your current job. Would you come in on the weekends to finish projects because you love your job or because you’re obligated to do so? Do you work into the late hours of the evening for fulfillment or because you have no other choice? Think about the environment that surrounds you. Are your friends truly adding value to your life? Are they holding you back or are they in the way of accomplishing your goals and dreams?

These are the questions that should be on your mind as you make it through the year, regardless of what your personal goals are right now. Whether you’re looking to become financially free, physically and mentally healthy, find a more fulfilling career or just live a peaceful life, learning The 21:3 Method is important to ensure you’re keeping priorities where they should be and you can measure your progress as you move forward.

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