Why Achromous Fitness?

The Achromous Way

One of the most difficult things to do in any business is to tell you exactly who we are in enough words that you would understand. But not too many words because we may bore you or our message would get lost in translation.

Many brands struggle with their identity. They believe they’re business is viewed one way, but the public will tell you what they prefer and why. Discovering where they fit in their industry is one of the very first steps in business.

We struggle because we aim to be as transparent as possible without forgetting details that may be important to our mission. Our mission is something we want to convey in all aspects of our business and we aim to do so through online and in-person methods.

Whether it is physical/mental training or digital/physical products, we want our community to feel united and powerful when interacting with our business. This journey for our company has been a long one, but the growth we’ve had with our community has been worth it.

You may not have heard of us and that’s fine. Many people haven’t. That could be a combination of a terrible marketing strategy, bad timing or misunderstanding how we could fulfill your needs. Either way, you are here today (somehow) and we thank you for joining us on this journey through our short, yet eventful, history.

It is important for our way, the Achromous way, to be explained in terms that will help us build our relationship with each other. After all, the only reason you should invest in anything is if you believe in what they’re doing. You have to trust their word and actions. I would say that is lacking tremendously in our industry today.

The Self-Help Industry is flawed way!

Let me be straight with you.

The shit we’ve seen in this industry has made us sick to the point of taking our ball and going home. There is so much deceit, contradictions and information within our industry it’s easy to get confused and manipulated. The manipulation will have you spending your 401k or life savings on a useless masterclass or “life-changing” package.

You tell me if it makes sense for us to call out the industry we’re in. Quite frankly, it takes money out of our pockets. Honestly, It is seen as counter-productive to do so, but the approach of some “guru’s” is massively flawed and reeks of “slimy salesperson”.

They want you to believe you’re an idiot if you enjoy your 9-5 job. If you’re not working for yourself, you’re considered a loser. You’re a failure in your life because you can’t keep up with the Jones’ and their mansions, high fashion and exotic cars.

If you’re still clocking in and out of a job, you’re behind the 8-ball. However, these “guru’s” hire people to do the very jobs they mock you for doing weekly. Give yourself 10 seconds to think about how crazy that is. 

The personal development industry has led you to believe that your life isn’t valuable IF you can’t acquire those materialistic things. The industry has led you to believe that you have to think, wish and dream hard enough to be successful and that true work may be required in the beginning.

We call them “lifestyle salespeople”.

Their job is to sell you this unbelievable dream of living the easy life with millions of dollars in the bank if you purchase their $500 course. You can work on the beach in a two-piece suit or a Speedo with white sand between your toes, hot people feeding you grapes and not a care in the world.

I know you’ve seen these YouTube ads that promote these lifestyles and discourage those who have a job they love or a life they enjoy.

The truth is that success, however you decide to measure it, is fleeting.

One day, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you may record your single largest sale numbers. The next day, you can’t pay someone enough to buy your products and they sit on the shelf. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and not everyone is comfortable with knowing that.

Please don’t look at yourself as a failure if you don’t find success in your dreams. The odds are stacked against all of us, especially for start-ups. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up. Adjusting and moving forward should be the best move. This is the honest truth you need to hear prior to making one of the most important decisions of your life.

My business partner, Will C., and I wanted to warn the world about these scammers while providing a practical guide and advice based on our experience that has had proven results. I know…we just spent the last few paragraphs bashing the industry yet we’re trying to convince you to invest in our solution. I get how ironic that is.

However, you’re not investing in a product. You’re invest in yourself. We wanted to promote this fact in a way you would understand. We just didn’t know how we would accomplish that without having the appearance of a scam.

Failed Entrepreneurs

The first time we went into business with each other, we didn’t know what the fuck we were doing. Point blank. We were way over our heads and were so inexperienced that we ended up losing time and money because of it.

Back in 2015, we were on the verge of creating a social network that would allow users to share their talents with the world through short video clips. A user would be prompted to create a “profile video” after opening a new account as a way to share their purpose and special talents with the community. We would connect our users to each other through a criteria-based system.

Pretty decent idea, right? Well, none of us could write a line of code. None of us understood how to develop this business idea into an accurate business plan to submit for funding. We had relationships built within our network to help achieve our business goals. We were broke in our early-to-mid-twenties. Hell, we could barely come up with a logo in three months that worked for us and our business.

At the end of it all, our biggest failure was commitment.

We never adjusted our personal lives properly to handle such a large project and we weren’t focused enough to turn our dreams into a reality. Our weekly conference calls were filled with team members who didn’t want to take the lead and were too afraid to say they weren’t interested. Instead, we would go weeks without any progress only to return to the meetings without any purpose heading into the next week.

The leaders of Silicon Valley passed us quickly. Facebook Stories launched to eat away at Snapchat’s competitive advantage. Users were able to take their short video clips and turn it into an “active profile picture”. Since then, TikTok has emerged as the leader in this “short clip war”.

Our idea was gone before it was hatched. Most likely, we were too late anyway since Facebook may have been testing this idea months before we even thought about it. We were left upset because this behemoth “took our idea” and turned it into a reality.

However, the truth was we lost out on the idea because of our pure laziness, lack of focus and capital as well as a lack of innovation. We didn’t have any achievable goals we could use to measure our success.

We had no money that we could invest into the project. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We moved on silently.

The next project had the same general idea but was much more practical. As fitness enthusiasts, we became concerned watching people exercise improperly. Whether it was equipment usage or the exercise regimen, we noticed a major issue that commercial gyms were not addressing.

So, we focused on developing a fitness company that focused on teaching the importance of strict form and the proper execution of an exercise.

This allowed us to fit into a massively bloated, yet underserved niche and marry ourselves with beginner and novice athletes. We knew we had a tough road ahead of us because we were two guys who knew nothing about business except for how to fail. We didn’t even have certifications. However, we knew that change was needed in the industry.

Why The Name Achromous?

When we first started in this fitness industry, we knew we had to establish an identity for our brand. At first, our name was Apex Elevated. But, after a product launch with a rebranding strategy and one “cease-and-desist” letter later, we had to make a few changes. Honestly, we were bullied into the change but the change was one of the best decisions we’ve made on this journey.

We needed a name that represented the movement we wanted to bring to health and wellness. We needed a name to represent a movement that had no boundaries. A movement that had no restrictions. We wanted to ensure there were no excuses to help our community grow. A movement that was colorless in nature and boundless in limitations.


Achromous comes from the root word achromatic which means “without color”. At a time in our society where conversations around race relations were at an all-time high, we knew that it would be important for our brand to mirror our stance on the topic:

All men and women are created equal. We would never pass judgement on anyone based on their gender, sex, religion, sexual preference or race. Your character is the only element of your being that should ever be judged.

In an industry that is so toxic at times, it is our duty to be the voice of inspiration, motivation and honesty. We found that we fit neatly into a niche where many people exercise without a true purpose, vision or goal.

Many people exercise without direction or proper guidance which can lead to injuries and ailments down the road. We blended the physical, emotional and mental aspects of fitness together because we believed you can never truly be whole and healthy without these elements.

For Athletes Who Matter

2020 was a shitty year. I’m sure you’ll agree. Our lives changed forever and many of us will never go back to the life we had before it. After the traumatic situation our co-founder, Will C., found himself in during the global pandemic, he knew that a permanent change was needed.

However, in order to be successful with this lifestyle change, he had to make sure his approach was realistic, sustainable and consistent. 

The 21:3 Method was inspired by Will C.’s story of heartbreak, understanding and growth during one of the most difficult chapters of his life. As a former amateur boxer and athletic phenom, he had to understand the important role mental and emotional fitness played in his overall fitness journey.

First, he had to come to grips with the fact that he wasn’t whole. He had to understand that the loved he had for himself wasn’t unconditional or as strong as he once believed. He spent the next 21 days rebuilding himself from his foundation into a man who found his own peace within himself.

He had to realize that he mattered. Not just to himself, but to his children, his friends, his family and his community.

You must understand this, too.

To be an Achromous Athlete, first you must understand that you matter. You must truly believe that your life matters. You must truly believe your existence matters. You must truly believe that you’re so damn worth it because it’s true.

All of our athletes believe in this transformational statement and use it as a staple in their own fitness journey.

Mission Statement

“To Rebuild The Human Mind, Body and Spirit Through Fitness, Attainable Goal-Setting Techniques and Healthy Habit Building.”

What does this mean, exactly? Let’s break it down:

- Rebuild The Human Mind: Pure restoration of positive thoughts and ideas

- Body: Restoring the body’s health through a balanced, sustainable approach to nutrition coupled with the proper execution of exercises.

- Spirit: Renew your soul through affirmations, journaling and meditation.

- Attainable Goal-Setting: Using The 21:3 Method, focus on building goals from the foundation to fulfill your purpose.

- Healthy Habit Building: Creating a sustainable, easy-to-live life through habit formation.

We believe it is important to understand what is expected of us and what we must expect from you. Most importantly, you now know what you should expect from yourself if you’re committed to becoming a completely healthy person. 

We welcome you to our community with open arms. We ask that you come in with an open mind. Forget all the preconceived notions you’ve had about how fitness relates to your life. Join our fast-growing community and be a part of a movement for athletes who matter!

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