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10 Tips to Enhance Your Mental Health

Written by J.H. Gibbons Over the span of 20 years, our knowledge of health has changed. We’ve been able to determine that being physically healthy is only a percentage of the overall state of someone’s health. We’ve been told that having a healthy aesthetic is the number one indicator that you’re living a very healthy life. However, studies have shown that your mental health is a true indicator of how healthy the rest of your body would be. In fact, depression can increase the risk of many different physical health issues including diabetes and high blood pressure. As an athlete, I believe that my mental health has been the most important improvement to my overall health. It is well documented...

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What Makes a Personal Trainer Great?

If you’re like me, then you don’t want just an average trainer who looks at their position as a “job”. You want a companion to lead you on this journey. But what makes a personal trainer great? What should you look for the next time you fill out a membership application and request the services of a personal trainer? Let Achromous Fitness be your guide for that answer! 

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10 Hardcore Gyms You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Hardcore gyms are amazing! If you know, then you know. I had the pleasure of going to one in Maryland during my old high school days. I hope I don’t confuse any of you. If you’re thinking state-of-the-art equipment, a powerful air conditioning system for the summer months, a great audio system to get you through the workouts and other “luxurious” amenities typical commercial gyms have, you’re wrong! In fact, the gym at my high school had paint peeling of the walls, just one working window that opened up to the roof of our school for air, no HVAC system strong enough to keep us from boiling during the summer or warm during the winter, barbells that were bent in...

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