Self-Love Series: You Matter

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but if you’re a member of Achromous in any way, shape, or form, you need to hear it again.

You matter.

Take some time to take that in. Pause whatever else you’re doing. I know you have been waiting to hear those words for years. Forget the fact that it comes from strangers on the other side of a screen. You’re reading this today because you’re supposed to read it. You were supposed to be on this page at this time of the day. You were meant to receive these words today after a tough week. You came to us because you may have been curious about what type of fitness apparel company we are. I am here to tell you that we’re more than just a company that sells goods for men, women and children.

We’re a community whose mission is to help you build a foundation for the newest version of your life through goal-setting and habit building. That foundation should lead to a renewed purpose, coupled with an ultimate goal and mini-milestones to help you get to where you need to be.

Our guest on the podcast this week, Ms. Marsha Woodland, mentioned the same thing. Do you want to know the crazy part about that? She said those two words, “you matter”, without knowing a lot about our company or what we’re doing for our community. You can tell by our unfiltered reaction on the podcast. We’re hardly ever lost for words, but I couldn’t find my voice for that second! This was truly a divine moment for us. I like to call it validation.

You’ve probably felt it, too. Maybe when that first person notices your talent and acknowledges it. It’s the same feeling we received from a stranger who used those words to help illuminate her path as she realized that becoming an advocate of domestic violence was her calling. She was chosen to be an advocate of this emotional topic. Instead of losing herself or someone else forever, she decided to find herself and help others along the way.

This is the reason why we say that “you matter”. Of course, you must matter to yourself. But you may be unaware of all the other people who depend on you or who love you and want you to understand that “you matter”, too. It could be that stranger who is close to suicide but decides to go on one more day because of that piece of content in which they engaged. That same content you thought about not putting out, but decided to do so anyway. It could be your child who loves and appreciates you more than life itself and uses you to find their strength.

As athletes, regardless of the level of competition you’ve faced, we’re our own worst critics. Sometimes, we can be so down on ourselves because of the perceived failures we go through on a regular basis. After all, someone has to win and someone has to lose. However, we’re always so focused on the outcome. Focus on the journey from now on. Determine where you’re going, commit to the journey and disregard anything that will inevitably get in your way. These obstacles are meant to teach you how to maneuver. They’re not designed to stop you. The only thing that can stop you is…you.

Be purposeful with your decision-making this week. Move closer to those goals and dreams you set aside for temporary pleasures. Control your urges, build healthy habits, keep track of the goals you are setting, take massive and deliberate action and don’t look back. Next week, you should reflect on the moves you made. Take notes and determine what needs to be changed. But, through all of this, never forget that…

You Matter!

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